About me fulfilling a dream

To me, photography, as any other art form, is the ground that links the artist to the outside world. Photography is the air that I breath, is the mirror to all my experiences, my deepest feelings, my whole life.

I felt in love with the camera ever since I was a kid, but only as a grown up person I have dared to pick it up and start seeng the World with a different kind of eye. So, I’ve started taking pictures of people until I’ve realised this is what I want to do the rest of life, so many years after, I quit my job to devote myself to my passion.

Nowadays I do photography for a living, mainly as a commercial and wedding photographer, still “street photography” remains that kind of experience which connects me better to the outside world, unaltered and most of the time unseen.

You may contact me at your convenience as I’m open to any kind of chat, photography related or not, assignments, workshops, you name it.